The glass software
for ZZP & SME

Do you want more overview within your glass company? Process orders quickly and easily within a few clicks? Then we have many functionalities in our system that can improve the way you work! Take a look at what our software can do for you.

Order Processing

With the order processing module from Baka glass you can easily create any type of order. With automatic calculation, you will never overlook certain costs again.

Customers can easily and quickly make a payment online. The customer receives a digital invoice which can be paid directly via iDeal with a push of a button.

With the advanced search function of Baka Glass you can find an order very quickly. You can search for keywords like street name, house number, postal code, city, etc.

Internal and external ordering

With the order module of Baka Glass you can digitally place your orders directly from the software system. The order status remains clear per order.

With the click of a button suppliers can specify a date. Thus the entire dialogue of the order is recorded in Baka Glass.

Batch multiple orders and send them whenever you want. This can be at the end of the day, the next day or next week.

Automatic accounting

With the accounting link from Baka Glass you never have to think about booking sales invoices. The moment you generate an invoice, it is immediately in your accounting package, in the right place booked.

Baka Glass can not only put information in the accounting, but also retrieve it. The link goes 2 ways. See how a debtor is stored in the accounts or how an invoice is booked, directly in Baka Glass.

Baka Glass can be linked to all existing accounting programs which have an API.

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