The glass software
for wholesalers

Are you a glass trading company? Then we have many features in our system that can improve the way you work! Take a look at what our software can do for you.

Order Processing

With the order processing module from Baka glass you can easily create any type of order. With automatic calculation, you will never overlook certain costs again.

Customers can easily and quickly make a payment online. The customer receives a digital invoice which can be paid directly via iDeal with a push of a button.

With the advanced search function of Baka Glass you can find an order very quickly. You can search for keywords like street name, house number, postal code, city, etc.

Internal and external ordering

With the order module of Baka Glass you can digitally place your orders directly from the software system. The order status remains clear per order.

With the click of a button suppliers can specify a date. Thus the entire dialogue of the order is recorded in Baka Glass.

Batch multiple orders and send them whenever you want. This can be at the end of the day, the next day or next week.


With the dashboard module you will get extensive insight into the data and events of your instance. The dashboard is automatically updated with new data.

A complete overview for all relevant info. With the help of counters and graphs you can quickly observe this information. See for example conversions or the most profitable orders.

Through the dashboard it is possible to set a weekly goal for quotations that have been accepted. This allows you to accurately calculate your turnover and also keeps you informed.

Automatic accounting

With the accounting link from Baka Glass you never have to think about booking sales invoices. The moment you generate an invoice, it is immediately in your accounting package, in the right place booked.

Baka Glass can not only put information in the accounting, but also retrieve it. The link goes 2 ways. See how a debtor is stored in the accounts or how an invoice is booked, directly in Baka Glass.

Baka Glass can be linked to all existing accounting programs which have an API.

The folder planning

With the map planner you can plan visually by means of the map. The planner automatically calculates the travel time. Plan the most optimal routes and win extra time. Send a mail to the customer in advance to confirm the appointment. This way you will never be standing in front of a closed door.

With the planning module you can easily see how many minutes a car or day has left. This allows you to plan optimally.

It is possible to send date suggestions to your customers. They can accept these quickly and easily.

Automatic SMS

With the SMS module you automatically send an SMS to your customers when the glass of the order is ready to be picked up. In combination with automatic ordering you save a lot of actions and time within your organization.

Send an automatic SMS to your customer as soon as the glazier is on his way to location. When the glazier navigates to the customer this SMS is sent automatically.


With the projects module you classify orders under different projects. With this Baka Glass generates clear dashboards to see how your project is progressing.

Through an intergration with the planning module you can always easily take into account the delivery times when planning.

With a click on a button suppliers can specify a date. In this way the whole dialog of the order is recorded in Baka Glass.


The telephony module links Baka Glass to your VoIP phone. You get a pop-up when someone calls. Based on the phone number, Baka retrieves the correct customer, which pops up.

Even before you answer you know who is calling and you can see that person's recent orders.Click on a number in Baka Glass and let the phone next to you call automatically. Over-keying customer phone numbers is a thing of the past.

With 1 click of a button you have the page open of the customer calling, with recent orders, outstanding credit and even more information about the customer!

Customer portal

With the customer portal of Baka Glass, your customers can log in via an app from your own glass shop. Here they can see their order status and related information.

Customers can follow their order step by step through the customer portal. In this way they keep an overview and are less likely to call.

Allow your customers to quickly sign online with a simple push of a button and signature via a portal.

The field service app

With the field service app, technicians can digitally measure and process assembly. Track progress, transfer digital measurement receipts with one click and keep track of time for post-calculation.

It is possible to easily keep track of time for post-calculation. This allows you to optimize the time estimate per order.

The app works seamlessly with the system. With one click all the measurements are transferred into the system of Baka Glass.


Plan your production quickly and efficiently. The system indicates how much time you have left to plan further. Follow the activities of your production on a clear dashboard.

Your employees can use a tablet or scanner to indicate what they have already done. This is put live in the system, and is displayed on the production dashboard.

Plan your production very efficiently. The system keeps track of how much time you have left to plan. The production planning optimizes your working method.

Glass jars management system

With the buck management system, you will never lose a glass buck again. Everything that happens to a goat is registered so that you know exactly where which goat is and what is on it.

When booking an order, you can easily register a goat. When the buck is delivered, a picture and location of the buck are stored. This allows the customer and the administration to see at all times where the buck is located and which buck is out.

Through the customer portal, the customer can log off a buck and view it, which are then immediately shown in the system for the office staff and any invoices are generated. A must if you work with a lot of stillages and regularly lose stillages.

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