Sales invoices automatically in your records

With Baka Glass' accounting link you never have to think about booking sales invoices again. The moment you generate an invoice, it is immediately in your accounting package.


A pairing that goes both ways

Baka Glass can not only put information into accounts, but also retrieve it. The link goes both ways. See how a debtor is stored in accounting or how an invoice is posted, directly in Baka Glass.


Automate unnecessary work

Thanks to the accounting module you save a lot of time and energy, because you never have to manually book a sales invoice again. Automate your accounting with a direct link, no manual export required.


Link your favorite accounting program


Switching from other software? We are happy to help!

We have experience with customers who want to take data from their old software program to their new Baka Glass instance. We are happy to support your organization in this process with our handy tools.


That's why you choose Baka Glass

Developed from practice

Our glass software is developed from practice. The developers of Baka Glass are closely involved with people on the shop floor.

Unlimited support & updates

We are working every day to make our software even better. You will also receive unlimited support.

No long-term contracts

At Baka Glass, you are never stuck with long-term contracts. Our program is terminable on a monthly basis.

In the cloud & always available

Baka Glass is a cloud application that is always accessible through an internet browser. This can be done from any device with internet.

For any kind of glass company

Baka Glass is packed with useful features for any kind of glass business. So anyone in the glass business can automate.

Waterproof protection

Our software is extra secure so no one can access your company data.

Baka Glass Accounting Module - The ERP solution for the glass industry.

Are you looking for a glass software that optimizes your administrative processes in the glass industry? Look no further! Baka Glass is the ERP package designed specifically for the glass industry. With our advanced accounting module you can easily and efficiently book all your sales invoices automatically into your accounting package. Baka Glass is the solution that helps you streamline your financial administration.

Why choose Baka Glass Accounting Module?

The glass business is a complex and rapidly changing industry. Therefore, it is essential to have the right tools to run your business efficiently and successfully. Baka Glass Accounting Module offers you the following benefits:Time Savings:Automatic booking of sales invoices saves valuable time that you can spend on growing your business.

Error reduction: Our advanced software reduces the possibility of human error and ensures accurate and up-to-date records.

Integration with popular accounting packages: Baka Glass is already interfaced with the following packages: Exact Online, Unit4, Snelstart, AccountView, Cash, e-Bookkeeping, AFAS Software, Asperion, Twinfield, Minox, Silvasoft, Visma eAccounting and TripleTex. This allows you to transition effortlessly without loss of data.

Industry-specific solution: As an ERP package designed specifically for the glass industry, we understand your unique needs and challenges and offer customized solutions.

Reliable support: Our experienced team is always available to help you with any questions or problems so you can focus on your core business.

How does the Baka Glass Accounting module work?

The Baka Glass Accounting module is easy to implement and use. With a few clicks, you can automatically book sales invoices into your linked accounting package. This allows for seamless integration of your financial records, giving you more time to focus on running your business.

Are you ready to take your glass business to the next level?

Choose the Baka Glass Accounting Module today and discover for yourself the benefits of our advanced glass software, designed specifically for the glass industry. Automate your financial records, save time, reduce errors and benefit from the powerful integrations with popular accounting packages. Contact us now for a no-obligation demonstration and experience for yourself how Baka Glass can help your business grow.

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