Aidan is a powerful AI and gives you complete control over your order confirmations, purchase prices and incoming invoices. It marks a new era of seamless, automated and accurate business processes.

The digital revolution for your business processes is proud to present a game-changer for your business processes: Aiden. This new, advanced tool is designed to take your business to the next level by improving efficiency, reducing costs and increasing your profit margins.

As a smart, sophisticated solution, Aiden gives you the ability to detect and correct costly errors early on, not only saving you money, but also optimizing your business operations.

Aiden's innovation

Aiden is more than just another digital solution. It is a unique, dedicated module with the power to scan, analyze and manage supplier order confirmations. Gone are the days of manually searching and checking each document line. With Aiden at your side, all documents are processed automatically and efficiently.

The benefits of Aiden

Implementing Aiden into your business process offers a range of unparalleled benefits:


Aiden automates the auditing process, saving you time and resources.

Error detection

Our system identifies potential price discrepancies and other errors early on, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Ease of use

With just one click, you can adjust or add a product's purchase price to your Baka Glass software.

Order Management

Aiden automatically feeds the order number and delivery date into Baka Glass with the correct order and order.


Invoices are received, scanned, recognized and checked. Once approved, they can be automatically forwarded to your accounting package.

Error messages

When an error is detected, it is displayed in the notification center in Baka Glass Software, allowing you to act quickly and effectively.

Automatic control

The process is simple and seamless. When a supplier emails a document, Aiden automatically receives it. It then scans the contents and checks purchase prices at line level against your order data in Baka Glass.

Aiden: Possible price error detected

2 prices are incorrect on order confirmation 2432.

Aiden: All prices and rules are correct

All prices and rules match your database.

User flexibility

If Aiden detects a line where the price deviates from expectations, it immediately signals it in Baka Glass' notification center. As a user, you have the flexibility to check and indicate whether the identified error should be corrected or whether contact with the supplier is necessary.

Efficient purchase price management

As a user, you have the flexibility to control and indicate whether the identified error should be corrected or whether contact with the supplier is necessary. With one simple click, you can adjust or add the purchase price of a product to your Baka Glass software. This makes managing your purchase prices easier than ever.

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