Ai order intake

Aidan is a powerful AI and gives you complete control over your order confirmations, purchase prices and incoming invoices. It marks a new era of seamless, automated and accurate business processes.

Glass box module

With the buck management system, you will never lose a glass buck again. Everything that happens to a goat is registered so that you know exactly where which goat is and what is on it.

When booking an order, you can easily register a goat. When the buck is delivered, a picture and location of the buck are stored. This allows the customer and the administration to see at all times where the buck is located and which buck is out.

Through the customer portal, the customer can log off a buck and view it, which are then immediately shown in the system for the office staff and any invoices are generated. A must if you work with a lot of stillages and regularly lose stillages.

Scan app

With the dashboard module you will get extensive insight into the data and events of your instance. The dashboard is automatically updated with new data.

A complete overview for all relevant info. With the help of counters and graphs you can quickly observe this information. See for example conversions or the most profitable orders.

Through the dashboard it is possible to set a weekly goal for quotations that have been accepted. This allows you to accurately calculate your turnover and also keeps you informed.

Delivery app

With the field service app, technicians can digitally measure and process assembly. Track progress, transfer digital measurement receipts with one click and keep track of time for post-calculation.

It is possible to easily keep track of time for post-calculation. This allows you to optimize the time estimate per order.

The app works seamlessly with the system. With one click all the measurements are transferred into the system of Baka Glass.

2d and 3d drawings

Discover Baka Designer

Quickly and accurately produce a clear drawing that immediately provides the basis for an accurate quote that you can immediately share with the customer.

Fast and accurate

Within seconds, you can easily create a layout entirely to your liking. This drawing immediately provides the basis for an accurate quotation that you can immediately share with the customer

High-end software

Baka Designer is a cloud-based platform that can run and function stand-alone separately from your current software. Of course, it also works very closely with Baka Glass software.

Stand-alone version available

Baka Glass Designer can operate perfectly well on its own without using Baka Glass. We believe that as a user you should be able to be flexible in the use an our software and choice of modules.

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