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Baka Glass brings insight, overview and efficiency to your operations. Create peace of mind and make your business more profitable.

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Johan van der Wal


"After starting with Baka Glass, we got used to it very quickly. We like the program; our order processing is faster than before. As a result, we have more time and now a different division of tasks. Ofzio gives us a quick response to questions or wishes. Baka Glass has already really helped our company and made it ready for the future!"

Erik de Weerd

Windoo Glass Insulation

"Since the spring of 2019 we have been using Baka Glass, having worked with Word and Excel before that. Right away we experienced many benefits. For example, we take advantage of the price indication function and the ability to easily have a prepayment made. The ability to add photos and additional info to an article gives our quote to the customers added value. In short, we are a satisfied customer!"

Anton Scheij

AS Glass Store

"Since using Baka Glass, we can provide neat quotes quickly and easily. We get good feedback from our customers about our quotations and now also receive more orders. In Baka Glass we have a good overview of all orders. We like the contact with Ofzio. All in all, Baka Glass has also contributed to a higher turnover."

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