Automatic scheduling

Because the route is displayed visually, you can easily see orders that are nearby. The planning module automatically calculates the travel time between orders. In this way, both the route and the utilization are optimized to the maximum.

Our advanced search function filters your existing orders and turns them into a handy list. This allows you to see at a glance what still needs to be scheduled. This list is also visible on the map. So you can quickly see which orders are close to each other.

App field service

With the field service app, technicians can digitally measure and process assembly. Track progress, transfer digital measurement receipts with one click and keep track of time for post-calculation.

It is possible to easily keep track of time for post-calculation. This allows you to optimize the time estimate per order.

The app works seamlessly with the system. With one click all the measurements are transferred into the system of Baka Glass.

Order couplers

With the order module of Baka Glass you can place your orders digitally, directly from the system. The order status remains clear per order.

With the push of a button you mail a PDF to the supplier. A support file is even added so that the supplier can automatically read the order. This saves time for both parties and prevents typing errors.

Ai assistant

Aidan is a powerful AI and gives you complete control over your order confirmations, purchase prices and incoming invoices. It marks a new era of seamless, automated and accurate business processes.

2d and 3d drawings

Discover Baka Designer

Quickly and accurately produce a clear drawing that immediately provides the basis for an accurate quote that you can immediately share with the customer.

Fast and accurate

Within seconds, you can easily create a layout entirely to your liking. This drawing immediately provides the basis for an accurate quotation that you can immediately share with the customer

High-end software

Baka Designer is a cloud-based platform that can run and function stand-alone separately from your current software. Of course, it also works very closely with Baka Glass software.

Stand-alone version available

Baka Glass Designer can operate perfectly well on its own without using Baka Glass. We believe that as a user you should be able to be flexible in the use an our software and choice of modules.

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