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Easily set up to your liking within seconds

Quickly and accurately produce a clear drawing that immediately provides the basis for an accurate quote that you can immediately share with the customer.

Shower cabins

Easily and quickly assemble all types of shower stall setups

Glass doors

Easily and quickly build all types of door setups

Kitchen Walls

Easily and quickly build all types of back wall setups


Easily and quickly build all types of balustrade setups

Glass walls

Easily and quickly build all types of wall arrangements

modern software

This is the power of
Baka Glass Designer

  • Measure in with our app
  • Order directly from the design
  • Automatic PDF and DXF file generation
  • Calculation from 3D drawing
  • Stand-alone version available

2d and 3d drawings

Visual is the future

The developers of our software are completely attuned to the user's desire. Society is becoming more and more visual and this is clearly reflected in this software.

Fast and accurate

Within seconds, you can easily create a layout entirely to your liking. This drawing immediately provides the basis for an accurate quotation that you can immediately share with the customer

High-end software

Baka Designer is a cloud-based platform that can run and function stand-alone separately from your current software. Of course, it also works very closely with Baka Glass software.

Stand-alone version available

Baka Glass Designer can operate perfectly well on its own without using Baka Glass. We believe that as a user you should be able to be flexible in the use an our software and choice of modules.


Send orders as .PDF and .DXF

Create an order with your manufacturer at the touch of a button. The automatically generated files are sent directly with your order. The software is in the Cloud and can be used anywhere in the world, including at your customer's location.

quotations in your house style

Quotes fully customized

The documents from Baka Glass Designer are completely customizable. Decide on the layout that suits your business.

BAKA Designer: Revolutionary 3D design module for the glass industry

In the competitive glass industry, it is essential to have the right tools and technologies to set your company apart from the competition. BAKA Designer is an advanced module within the BAKA Glass ERP package designed specifically for companies in the glass industry. This powerful tool allows you to easily and efficiently create beautiful 3D designs for your customers. Whether you are designing shower enclosures, shower doors, hard glass (sliding) doors, kitchen backsplashes, glass walls or other interior glass, BAKA Designer will take your design process to the next level.

Benefits of BAKA Designer

The BAKA Designer module offers a range of impressive benefits that will help your business grow and excel in the glass industry:

Seamless integration with your ERP system

BAKA Designer works seamlessly with your existing BAKA Glass ERP system, ensuring a streamlined workflow and excellent coordination between your design and production processes. This helps avoid duplication and miscommunication and ensures that all departments involved are always up-to-date.

Simplicity and speed of design

BAKA Designer's user-friendly interface allows you to create 3D designs quickly and easily, even if you have no previous experience with 3D modeling. The intuitive tools and features allow you to create impressive designs that meet your customers' needs and requirements in no time.

Extensive library of materials and components

BAKA Designer includes an extensive library of materials and components that you can use in your designs. This allows you to quickly and efficiently create realistic and detailed designs that accurately reflect the final product. You can easily add, modify and remove materials and components to your design, providing maximum flexibility during the design process.

Directly generate quotes and orders

Once your design is complete, you can generate a quote for your customer or place an order with your own production department or supplier with a single click. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors. It also allows you to respond faster to your customers' needs and reduce your lead times.

Compatibility with DFX files

BAKA Designer supports DFX files, allowing your designs to be effortlessly imported and processed in your production environment. This eliminates the need for manual conversion and ensures a smooth transition from design to production.

Improved communication with customers

BAKA Designer allows you to present professional and realistic 3D visualizations of your designs to your customers. This helps them get a better idea of the final result and allows them to indicate any changes before production begins. This results in higher customer satisfaction and less chance of misunderstandings.

Continuous updates and improvements

The development team at BAKA Glass works continuously to improve and extend the functionalities of BAKA Designer. This means you will always have access to the latest features and technologies, keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

Excellent customer support and training

BAKA Glass offers comprehensive customer support and training for BAKA Designer, so you and your team can get up and running with the software quickly and efficiently. Whether you need technical support or help optimizing your design process, BAKA Glass's dedicated team is always here for you.


BAKA Designer is a revolutionary 3D design module that is an essential complement to the BAKA Glass ERP package for the glass industry. With its user-friendly interface, extensive library of materials and components, and seamless integration with your ERP system, BAKA Designer enables you to work faster and more efficiently and provide superior service to your customers.

Invest in BAKA Designer today and see for yourself how this innovative software can help your business grow and excel in the glass industry. Contact our experienced team for a free demo or more information on how BAKA Designer can benefit your glass business.

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