Completely paperless with the field service app

With the field service app, technicians can digitally measure and process assembly. Track progress, transfer digital measurement receipts with a click and keep track of time for post-calculation.


All paper out the door

Throw those measuring and work orders out the door with the Baka Glass technician app. Everything digital, in 1 place and saved forever.


Taking over the measurement in one go

Typing over measurements from a measurement form is tedious work and a waste of time. If a measurement is done via the app, you take over the data with one push of a button. This saves a lot of time and possible mistakes.

No retyping of measurement receipts

Take sizes with a single click

The app is fully integrated with the system and replaces the measuring-in, work and delivery receipts. The communication is completely digitized. This prevents printing a stack of receipts that eventually have to be retyped. With one click all measurements are transferred into the system of Baka Glass.

Time tracking for post-calculation

It is possible to easily keep track of time for post-calculation. With this you optimize the time estimate per order.

Automatic final invoices

Automatically send a final invoice when the assembly is completed and approved by the customer.

Taking pictures of situation

The app allows mechanics to take pictures of the situation, giving office workers better insight.


Switching from other software? We are happy to help!

We have experience with customers who want to take data from their old software program to their new Baka Glass instance. We are happy to support your organization in this process with our handy tools.


That's why you choose Baka Glass

Developed from practice

Our glass software is developed from practice. The developers of Baka Glass are closely involved with people on the shop floor.

Unlimited support & updates

We are working every day to make our software even better. You will also receive unlimited support.

No long-term contracts

At Baka Glass, you are never stuck with long-term contracts. Our program is terminable on a monthly basis.

In the cloud & always available

Baka Glass is a cloud application that is always accessible through an internet browser. This can be done from any device with internet.

For any kind of glass company

Baka Glass is packed with useful features for any kind of glass business. So anyone in the glass business can automate.

Waterproof protection

Our software is extra secure so no one can access your company data.

Are you looking for a revolutionary solution to improve the efficiency and customer satisfaction of your glass business? BAKA Glass Software has developed the field service app for glass companies like yours. Discover the many benefits this innovative app offers to streamline your business processes and provide an excellent customer experience.

Key benefits of the BAKA Glass Outside Sales App:

  • Working completely paperless
  • Live communication between office and field service
  • SMS notifications with expected arrival times for customers
  • Customer-centric approach that encourages positive reviews
  • Advanced in measurements with mandatory photos and questions
  • Real-time data exchange with office
  • Optimal route planning for glass delivery and glass fitters
  • Security and recognition for your customers
  • Seamless execution and billing
  • Automatic interfacing with your accounting records

The BAKA Glass Field Service App is an advanced solution designed specifically to help glass companies optimize their processes and improve collaboration between office and field service. Thanks to its many features, such as paperless working, real-time communication and advanced in measurements, you can take your customer service to the next level and -at the same time- increase your company's efficiency.

The app also offers additional benefits in terms of security and recognition for your customers, as they receive an SMS with expected arrival times and can view photos of the delivery drivers or mechanics. Moreover, the BAKA Glass Outside Sales App allows you to easily and automatically send final invoices to your customers and forward them directly to your accounting records, reducing your administrative burden.

Discover the benefits of the BAKA Glass Outside Sales App for yourself and request a no-obligation demo. Comparison costs nothing, but the benefits to your business are huge. Switch to the BAKA Glass Outside Sales App and experience the improvements it can bring to your glass business.

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