Optimal planning with a perfect overview

The map planner allows you to plan visually. This, in combination with automatic travel time calculation, helps you plan the most optimal route. By sending an e-mail to the customer in advance to confirm the appointment, you save a lot of phone calls.

Schedule orders near each other

Plan the most efficient route

Because the route is displayed visually, you can easily see orders that are nearby. The planning module automatically calculates travel time between orders. Thus, both the route and utilization are maximally optimized.

Overview for the planner

The system knows which orders need to be scheduled

Our advanced search function filters your existing orders and turns them into a handy list. This allows you to see at a glance what still needs to be scheduled. This list is also visible on the map. So you can quickly see which orders are close to each other.


Discover the convenient interface

With the card scheduler, see the total weight of glass, when an order comes in and how much glass of a particular type is in an order. Important information for planning an order.

Always see how much time is left

With the planning module you can easily see how many minutes a car or day has left. This allows you to plan optimally.

Send suggestions to customers for appointments

It is possible to send suggestions of dates to the customers. They can accept these quickly and easily.

Integration with surveying app

Through seamless integration with the surveying app, the status of a surveying or execution can be monitored live.


Switching from other software? We are happy to help!

We have experience with customers who want to take data from their old software program to their new Baka Glass instance. We are happy to support your organization in this process with our handy tools.


That's why you choose Baka Glass

Developed from practice

Our glass software is developed from practice. The developers of Baka Glass are closely involved with people on the shop floor.

Unlimited support & updates

We are working every day to make our software even better. You will also receive unlimited support.

No long-term contracts

At Baka Glass, you are never stuck with long-term contracts. Our program is terminable on a monthly basis.

In the cloud & always available

Baka Glass is a cloud application that is always accessible through an internet browser. This can be done from any device with internet.

For any kind of glass company

Baka Glass is packed with useful features for any kind of glass business. So anyone in the glass business can automate.

Waterproof protection

Our software is extra secure so no one can access your company data.

In the glass industry, efficient scheduling is essential. BAKA Glass Software offers an advanced and intuitive scheduling module designed specifically to take your business to the next level. Discover how BAKA Glass Software's innovative Scheduling module can help you cut costs, increase your customer satisfaction and streamline your business processes.

The power of visual planning

BAKA Glass Software's Scheduling module is perhaps one of the most crucial components of our system. By displaying everything visually and live on a map, scheduling orders becomes easier than ever before. Even someone without any experience within your organization can take on all the planning.

Clear and insightful

The Maps Planning module provides a clear and detailed overview of all current orders that have yet to be scheduled. This applies to measuring-in orders, assembly orders or delivery orders. The system is easy to use and provides you with the information you need to plan quickly and effectively.

Efficient communication with customers

With BAKA Glass Software, you can easily send appointment invitations by e-mail or text message, ensuring that you always have the most optimal schedule for your glass business. In addition, the system automatically sends a reminder to your customers the day before the scheduled appointment. This prevents you from standing in front of a closed door and increases customer satisfaction.

Real-time updates with the BAKA Glass App

The combination of the Scheduling Module and the BAKA Glass App allows you to keep your customers informed about the progress of your glass delivery or glass technician. This eliminates unnecessary phone calls and allows your company to fully focus on providing high-quality service.

Increase your profits through efficient planning

Research among our glass customers has shown that companies can earn at least €100 extra per car per day thanks to efficient planning. Do the math on how much this adds up to on a monthly or annual basis! With BAKA Glass Software, you benefit from better planning and higher sales.

Experience the benefits of BAKA Glass Software

BAKA Glass Software's advanced Scheduling module is just one of the many powerful features our system has to offer. Discover how BAKA Glass Software can transform your glass business through better planning, more efficient communication and improved customer satisfaction.

Seamless integration with other business processes

One of the main advantages of BAKA Glass Software is its seamless integration with other business processes. Our software is designed to work perfectly with your current systems, such as inventory management, quotations, invoicing and customer relationship management (CRM). This allows you to streamline and optimize your entire business operations without compromising on functionality.

Advanced reporting and analysis

BAKA Glass Software provides you with advanced reporting and analysis tools to measure and improve the performance of your business. Our system provides you with real-time insights into your sales, profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction. This allows you to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Accessibility and usability

BAKA Glass Software is designed with usability as a top priority. Our intuitive user interface ensures that everyone in your organization, regardless of their technical skills, can get up and running with the system quickly and easily. In addition, BAKA Glass Software is accessible via a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, so your team can access the information they need anytime, anywhere.

Excellent customer support

We understand that implementing new software in your business can bring questions and challenges. That's why BAKA Glass Software offers excellent customer support to help you resolve any issues and answer questions. Our experienced support team is always available to make sure you get the most out of our software.

Continuous innovation and improvement

At BAKA Glass Software, we strive to constantly innovate and improve our software based on our customers' needs and feedback. We are dedicated to providing the best solutions for the glass industry and continuously work to expand and improve our features to bring you the most advanced and effective software on the market.


Invest in the future of your glass business with BAKA Glass Software. Our advanced Planning module, combined with numerous other powerful features such as seamless integration, advanced reporting and analysis, user-friendliness, excellent customer support and continuous innovation, enables you to optimize your business processes, save costs and increase customer satisfaction. Make the switch to BAKA Glass Software and experience for yourself the benefits of a more efficient and profitable.

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