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From More Efficient Processes to Successful Production

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For manufacturing, it is essential to be at the forefront of efficiency and precision. At Baka Glass Production, we understand the challenges faced by manufacturing companies, which is why we have developed advanced software to make your production process more efficient. Let's dive into the capabilities Baka Glass Production has to offer together and discover how we can optimize your production efficiency.

Automatic Scheduling with Insight

Our system automates production scheduling and accounts for various operations such as cutting, grinding, hardening, laminating, spacer bending, hole drilling and more. You get insight into machine utilization per day and per machine, including a percentage of bookings. With our advanced job confirmation, we automatically calculate delivery date feasibility so you can communicate realistic expectations to your customers. In addition, we also offer just-in-time production scheduling, which allows you to schedule glass as late as possible, so the glass doesn't "sit around" long.

Advanced Machine Links

Our software goes beyond simple plans. We interface with cutting machines, spacer benders, and sealant robots. Should a cutting table be over-scheduled, we automatically move production to the next day. 

Full Traceability Through the Production Process

With our system, you get full traceability through the production process. From the moment a product is scanned until the end of the process, you have detailed insight. Each operation can be scanned individually, so you know exactly where a product is in the production process. All this information can be insightfully displayed on TV screens in the production hall, so your team is always informed.

Support for Various Machines

Baka Glass supports various machines, polishing grinding, facet grinding, sandblasting, UV bonding, etc. Per square meter or with other calculations you can accurately calculate the production time, which can be set according to the speed of each machine. This is then taken into account in terms of planning how many products the machine can output per day. 

Inventory Management of Glass

It allows you to automatically order based on preset criteria, such as the minimum number of glass panes required. No more worries about insufficient stock; our system ensures that you always have enough glass to process your orders.

Baka Glass Manufacturing has proven to be a reliable partner for manufacturing companies. From automated just-in-time scheduling to advanced machine linkages and full traceability, we offer a comprehensive solution for a flawless production process. We continue to strive to innovate and improve your manufacturing experience. Optimize your production with Baka Glass and take your business to greater efficiency and success!

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