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"Aiden: The AI Revolution in Glass Management"

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In the world of glass management and production, AI is taking an increasingly important role. A notable player in this is "Aiden" from Baka Glass. Aiden is an advanced AI - module designed specifically to increase efficiency and accuracy in the glass industry. 

With various features such as automated order processing and advanced invoice scanning, Aiden enables businesses to work faster and smarter. This new technology not only changes the way businesses work, but also helps make better decisions and increase profits.

Fast Invoice Processing

Our AI goes beyond invoices; it is specifically designed for scanning order confirmations and supplier invoices with orders. This AI automatically retrieves data and compares it to what is in your system, eliminating the need for manual review. In cases where suppliers may differ from the original request, Aiden provides a solution by accurately checking products, sizes, delivery dates and purchase prices.

Optimize Order Processing 

The system is designed to read in requests, whether a text by email or a document as an attachment (plain text, excel, XML, etc). With this information, an order is automatically generated, allowing you to proceed directly to processing without spending a lot of time reading emails and manually creating orders. 

The AI also adds another layer of accuracy by comparing purchase prices, and also places these prices directly as purchases on the order. This ensures transparency and gives you the true cost of an order. Optimize your order management with Aiden's AI, maximize productivity and customer satisfaction in your business.

User-friendly AI

Aiden was designed with your comfort in mind. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to integrate the power of AI into your daily work processes, without complicated training. You and your team can get started right away and enjoy the benefits of advanced automation.

In short, Aiden from Baka Glass provides an all-in-one solution for the glass industry, with AI driving efficiency, accuracy and growth. The future of glass management is here, and Aiden is leading the way."

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