Production: Production planning with live updates

Plan your production quickly and efficiently. The system indicates how much time you have left to plan further. Track the activities of your production on a clear dashboard.

An optimal layout of your production

Planning related to your capacity

The system shows per day per production unit how much planning space is left. This makes it easy to find gaps in your planning so that the days are used optimally.

Production progress on a dashboard

Live progress monitoring

Through screens in your hallway, you give your employees insight into how far along they are in producing the daily schedule. This way, your employees know if they are on schedule and what still needs to be done.

true insight into your capacity

Plan based on real data

With the production module, planning production is no longer wet-finger work. Really see how much capacity is left per day, so your employees never have too much or too little to do unexpectedly.

Live dashboards

Provide insight into your production hall through screens. So you can hang a screen per unit, or one screen with a total overview for the entire production.

Reporting progress

The progress of your production can be tracked in several ways. You can scan barcodes with the scanning app, or report work completed on an app via the tablet.

Export to your machines

Production orders can be exported through the system to machines in the hall. We interface with machine software such as Perfect Cut and Optima.


Switching from other software? We are happy to help!

We have experience with customers who want to take data from their old software program to their new Baka Glass instance. We are happy to support your organization in this process with our handy tools.


That's why you choose Baka Glass

Developed from practice

Our glass software is developed from practice. The developers of Baka Glass are closely involved with people on the shop floor.

Unlimited support & updates

We are working every day to make our software even better. You will also receive unlimited support.

No long-term contracts

At Baka Glass, you are never stuck with long-term contracts. Our program is terminable on a monthly basis.

In the cloud & always available

Baka Glass is a cloud application that is always accessible through an internet browser. This can be done from any device with internet.

For any kind of glass company

Baka Glass is packed with useful features for any kind of glass business. So anyone in the glass business can automate.

Waterproof protection

Our software is extra secure so no one can access your company data.

Exporting data to various cutting machines with Baka Glass

With Baka Glass, you can easily export data to various cutting machines, thanks to the support of file formats such as Perfect Cut, Optima and AW. This ensures smooth and efficient integration of your glass production process with your cutting machines, without the need for manual adjustments.

Optimize your production capacity with Baka Glass' machine utilization overview

Our glass software provides a clear overview of each machine's utilization per day and also allows you to generate this information for longer periods of time. This insight helps you make the best use of your production capacity, resulting in better planning and increased productivity.

Better plan and manage customer expectations with automatic lead time calculation from Baka Glass

Baka Glass excels at automatically calculating the lead times of each production operation. This allows you to quickly and accurately estimate how long it will take to produce a given order, which is essential for providing excellent customer service and managing customer expectations.

Avoid delays with smart production planning from Baka Glass

In addition, our system provides smart production planning by automatically scheduling your production start. Baka Glass takes into account the agreed delivery date with the customer and calculates the ideal start date for your production process, so you always start production on time and avoid delays.

More efficient production process with insight into daily operations per machine from Baka Glass

Baka Glass gives you insight into daily operations per machine. This allows you to optimize the layout of your cutting table or other equipment, resulting in an even more efficient production process. This overview allows you to effectively manage and improve your production facilities.

Reduce lead time of insulating glass production with Baka Glass' box and hook numbers

For companies focused on the production of insulating glass, Baka Glass offers the ability to generate box and hook numbers. This helps your production department quickly and easily identify where the various components of the final product are located, further reducing the lead time of the production process.

Easily track production progress with Baka Glass' app or scanner and live overview in the production hall.

Production progress can be easily tracked using a convenient app or scanner, giving you anytime, anywhere insight into the status of your production process. In addition, Baka Glass allows you to view production progress live on televisions in your production hall, so your employees can see the current status of each order at a glance.

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